The Royal Ballet

The Royal Ballet wanted to engage and inspire more young people to be part of their audience to ensure the long-term survival of ballet as an art form. They wanted a creative concept or idea that dispels the preconceptions and celebrates the beauty and emotion that ballet brings to the stage, something that challenges our target audience to look at ballet as an art form that could be a new love in their lives. Break down those preconceptions that have become a barrier to attendance.

The Royal Ballet collaborating with record label Ninja Tunes would give the target audience access to a new experience without having to go out of their way. This collaboration will feature artists signed to Ninja Tunes which would play live with the ballet performance creating an unforgettable atmosphere that could lead to further engagement with the Royal Ballet.


Orchard Pig Cider

Orchard Pig cider campaign to bring people closer together, poking fun at the world and themselves.

Truman Capote